How a strategy helps to achieve goals in blog marketing

Blog Marketing

Content is any information that lives on a web and it can be consumed on the web. Content plays an important role in the success of any SEO Strategy. Your Content is written for your reader not for search engine. So it is more informative and interesting. Google also provides the content which is more attractive and informative for their reader.

Tips to make an attractive, informative and interesting content

  1. Content Quality: – Your content contains unique, different and useful information Ir will be not found in anywhere.  If you want to sell anything. You don’t go to a simple brochure with the same information which is found in hundreds of sites. Why he spends his time to read your information?  Some of the questions ask about yourself before writing the content. So your content should be different, unique and informative. Your quality content shared quickly through the social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc.
  2. Content research/keyword research: – There are some varieties of tools that provide a way by which the people search your content. So your content contains keywords, these are the actual search term that the peoples are using. These are the answer to your query. The search engine searches these keywords.
  3. Content word use of keywords: – If you want your page is to be found with a special word and the word is relevant to your keyword Research. Then use it naturally for the page. If you commonly shift to pronoun in a second and further reference, maybe use the actual noun again here and there, not use a pronoun.

New Tips To make Your SEO Power Full

  1. Content Engagement: – Quality content always provides an interactive and effective interaction with the users. Using different way search engine try to measure these interaction and engagement with the users. Your Pogo sticking behavior is measured by the search engine. It may be a negative sign of your engagement. And how long time a user connects to your page is also measured by search engine. When people spend more time in reviewing their content similarity in relation to other sites. This time spent matrix and long click is another way of engagement that a search engine found and use to assess the relative value of content. Social gesture such as likes, comments, and share represents another way of engagement might be measured.
  2. Content freshness: – we can say the fresh content because the search engine loves the new content. If you don’t update your pages (or publish date) every day and thinking that it makes them fresh and more likely to rank. And you can’t add new pages constantly and they thinks to give you a fresh boost. Google uses a method called Query Deserved Freshness (QDF).  It compared a normal search activity and suddenly increased search activity.  Google applies QDF to that term and find out the fresh content on that topic. If there is fresh content then this fresh or new content givens a boost in search result. If you write the right content, on the right topic then when QDF hits, you may enjoy in the top results for days or weeks. To be understood that after that, your page might be dragged back in search results. It’s not that you are doing anything wrong. It’s just that the freshness boost has worn off.
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