How to do Keyword Research

How to Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the main part of the SEO(Search Engine Optimization). If any person wants to get success in this field so Keyword Research is the most significant thing for them. This part is the base of Whole SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All those techniques that you have read about SEO can be applied only after keyword research.

First of all, In the Keyword Research, we try to know that which is the words, statements or phrases related to our business, service or product, People who enter and search on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, etc.). After that, we choose the right keywords for ourselves based on volume and competition. It sounds very easy. But there are many steps in it, which we have to follow. Also, different tools have to be used.

Let’s Start Keyword Research

Four easy steps of Keyword Research

  1. Generating keywords ideas for your website.
  2. How often is this word search done? Search volume detection
  3. How competitive is this keyword?
  4. Selecting the correct keyword.

In this article, we will cover step 1.

Generating keywords ideas for your website.

Before generating keyword ideas, understand this Your keywords idea depends on your niche and your goals that you want to achieve. Niche has to be kept in mind while generating keyword ideas -Niche means relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Now you have to do a little brainstorming to get keywords for your website. Think about keywords related to your business. Later we will also take the help of online available tools.

First of all, people search on search engines to get answers to what.

Like if I deal in shoes So, my head keyword is SHOES. It could be a niche for me (ie body keywords) – men shoes, kid shoes, ladies’ footwear, sports shoes, partywear shoes, casual shoes, etc. We will generate ideas by making the bases. We can generate many Long Tail keywords from each body keyword –

  • men shoes online
  • men shoes sale
  • men shoes size chart
  • shoes for men casual
  • shoes for men formal etc
Keyword Research Types
Keyword Research Types

on this topic, you have noticed that we talked about three types of keywords

Head Keyword

Which are single words? Like – shoes or books etc. These are some characteristics of head keywords.

  • Their search volume is very high

If you are thinking to target them then stop !!!!!!!

Competition on them is also very high and they do not convert well. This means if the domain authority of your website is not very high like- amazon, Facebook, etc., then do not select these keywords.

So We want to say that don’t waste your time and efficiency on Head keywords Unless your website is strong enough to beat big websites on the web.

2. What is Body Keywords

These keywords are usually made up of two words such as sports shoes or school books. These body keywords also have some characteristics –

  • There is a decent search volume on body keywords.
  • The competition also occurs at a medium level.
  • There are more chances of head keywords being converted comparatively.

3. Tail keywords or Long Tail Keywords

These keywords use 2 + words (more than two words), such as – men shoe sale or buy old school books. The characteristics of Long tail keywords are very interesting –

  • Their search volume is very low l like – less than 1000 searches.
  • Most people search in the form of tail keywords only.
  • These are the best-converting keywords.
  • On selecting these keywords and doing SEO it is easy to rank in the top 3 positions

Advice – If your website is new, then you should use a combination of body and long-tail keywords.

Precaution- Do not target long-tail keywords for all pages of your website or else the Google Panda penalty will be imposed.

Now you are ready to do this???

online There are many tools available to generate keyword ideas like – solvee, ubersuggest, answerpublic, keywordtool.io.

But in this keyword research tutorial, I will tell you about the most important and useful tools and techniques.

Here we are talking about

  • Uber Suggest
  • Keyword tool.io
  • Google Autocomplete tool à Google Search bar

UberSuggest is the Absolutely free tool

It is also very easy to use this keyword. You have to put your main keyword in its search box and it will tell you about many long-tail keywords related to it.

Enter your keyword by visiting ubersuggest’s website.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool

Suppose I enter school books –

So within a few seconds, it made me find 339 more related keywords.

The list of new suggested keyword

There is a triangle with every keyword. And in this, we will click on the expanded keyword, and then the long tail keyword will show suggestions.

Uber Suggest Tool
Uber Suggest Tool

extra features of ubersuggest
I like this tool very much.

You can also use it and tell me how it felt?

The second keyword tool that you can use is –

2. Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is also a very good tool to fund Longtail keywords.

With the help of this tool, you can know not only google but all you search on Youtube., Bing, Amazon, eBay, and app store.

In its free version, it generates a lot of keyword ideas for us.


It neither tells us the search volume of the keywords nor the CPC.

Third Keyword Tool

Google Auto-Complete Tool

That is, by using the Google Search bar, we can also find the keywords that people search on Google the most.

Meaning that Google itself will tell us high search volume keywords

First Common Question put in your mind How????

Even if we type something in the search bar of google, google starts showing us some suggestions related to the same topic.

These suggestions are only high search volume keywords.

That is, it is the words that people find most by going to google.

After following the above steps, you will have a list of niche related keywords.

Did you find this information helpful?

If yes, I will definitely tell you in my comments.

In the next steps, we will complete this keyword research process.

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